Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nail Party!

This monday night that just passed I threw a nail party at a friends house and 4 of our friends came! 

The evening started off with sushi and 2 bottles of wine, then an ice cream cake and then the nail fun! So by the time I actually got to painting nails it was after 8pm... Long night. 

So lets start with Andie!!! She was super simple. She already has gel nails so we just added Hello Kitty Nail Decals. simple, simple. 

Next up we have Melanie... 
Now I wanted to do a chevron nail on her and unfortunately it didnt turn out. I did it with tape when I should have done it free hand. Note to self for next time....
She had one multi colored ring finger done, along with a zebra thumb, a square nail gem index finger and a cupcake pinky!!!

Next we have Lori... If you know Lori she loves purple.. always purple... I'm going to have to do something green or orange one day! Just to throw her out of her comfort zone... 

She did a zebra nail, giltters, stripes and leopard print.  All in purples. 

Last but not least we have Amanda. This girl loves to give me difficult things to do... I love doing nail art but I will never say I'm the best... Anyway I attempted to do what she wanted and came up with this...

Purple Abstract nails by me!

Hey! I have to start getting in the habit of blogging more often, I really don't know how people blog everyday. I just get my photos ready and then I pray that I don't forget to blog! Which in most cases is all the time.

So today I wanted to do a small collage of different patterns on all my nails and I came up with these.

I have glitter, stripes, polka-dots, sparkles and water decals. The color theme was Purple, Grey and Black.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Water decals from bornprettystore

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around a lot... The weathers been muggy and grey and I haven't been inspired by anything! Works been alright and allergies haven't been the best either. God I love summer! That's a joke lol.  
Well I purchased a big amount of water decals and this was my first attempt to try them. You can check these guys out at

I topped these over highlight of my summer by china glaze to get the nice contrast :) super easy to do.  All you gave to do is place it in water for 15-20 seconds and you will feel it slide off the paper backing. Wet your nail so that you can slide it into place more easily. Top it with top coat when dry and simple as that! Have fun everyone! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Abstract nails

The girls are out and the more the merrier from the essie summer collection 2013.  I had a little fun with these two colors, which I have paired off with Liquid Vinyl from Orly.  I love abstract nails!

Let me know what you all think of them!