Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tape manicure

Hello everyone! So today I have for you a tape manicure done with Orly- miss conduct and wild wisteria. For this look you will paint your nails with your lighter shade, in my case miss conduct and wait till it is completely dry. Usually when I wait I take this time to cut my strips of tape. When my polish is dry I then place my strips of tape where I want them and paint the darker color you choose, my case wild wisteria on top. NOTE: do one nail at a time, I find the tape leaves residue on the nail if left on too long. Make sure to remove the tape as fast as possible so that your lines stay crisp. Wait until dry to apply top coat and then your done!

Unfortunately I won't be making another post for a week and a bit. I'm heading out of town and where ill be doesn't have Internet. But make sure to check back at the end of next week and ill post the minute I'm back!! Have a great week everyone!

Let me know what you think of my nail pattern I always like hearing from you guys. :)

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