Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I recently ordered a few items from and I am quite excited to try them out!You can check out the website here:
I've never used glitter powder sheets or steel ball glitter before so this will be a fun adventure. I've been thinking of fun manicures I can do with these! We will just have to see how they turn out!
I bought :
1 x 12 Color Nail Art Round Shiny Glitter Powder Sheets Tips Tool Manicure (ID=4624) = $7.60

1 x 12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Glitter Nail Art Decoration (ID=516) = $5.41

1 x 12 Colors Round Rhinestone Nail Art Glitter Decoration 2mm (ID=881) = $3.33

My Complete Color Collection

I've always wanted to post all my nail polish and I found a perfect way to do so! With my nail swatches! I've listed them all by number corresponding to the photo above the list. Now if my clients wish to get their nails done by me they have an easy way to see what I've got! 
1.Essie- Pale green
2.Orly- Prelude to a kiss
3.Essie- Sew psyched
4.Essie- Fiji
5.Essie- Merino cool
6.Essie- Luxedo
7.Essie- Nice is nice
8.OPI- Miami beat
9.Essie- In stiches
10.OPI- Houston we have a purple
11.OPI- Pompeii purple
12.Essie- Velvet voyeur
13.Essie- Bahama mama
14.Essie- Topless and Barefoot
15.OPI- It's all Greek to me
16.OPI- Diva of Geneva
17.Essie- Tomboy no more
18.Orly- Mirror mirror

1.OPI- The color to watch
2.OPI- Dating a royal
3.OPI- I'm India-mood for love
4.OPI- Lucky lucky lavender
5.OPI- Funky Dunky
6.OPI- Brisbane Bronze
7.OPI- Get in the espresso lane
8.OPI- Suzi loves cowboys
9.OPI- California Raspberry
10.Orly- Luxe
11.OPI- I want to be a lone star
12.OPI- I pink I love you
13.OPI- Kyoto pearl
14.OPI- All Abordeaux
15.OPI- Let me entertain you
16.OPI- Color to diner for
17.OPI- Hot & Spicy
18.OPI- Jade is the new black

1.Orly- Prim and Proper
2.Essie- Silken Cord
3.Essie- Chastity
4.Orly- Purple crush
5.Essie- French Affair
6.Essie-Pretty Edgy
7.Orly- Glowstick
8.Orly- (can't find name)
9.Essie- Coat Azure
10.Orly- Gumdrop
11.Orly- Pixy  stick
12.Orly- Lemonade
13.Orly- Snowcone
14.OPI- Shorts Story
15.Essie- Going Incognito
16.Orly- Fresh
17.Essie- Escapades
18.Orly- Green with envy
1.OPI- Red my fortune cookie
2.OPI- SeƱorita rosalita
3.OPI- Ya'll come back now
4.OPI- Purple with a purpose
5.OPI- Guy meets Galveston
6.OPI- Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)
7.OPI- Charged up Cherry
8.OPI- Too hot pink to hold them
9.OPI- Gargantuan Green Grape
10.OPI- Las Paz-itively hot
11.Essie- Exotic Liras
12.OPI- Just Groovy
13.OPI- Louvre me, louvre me not
14.OPI- Need Sunglasses
15.China Glaze- In the lime light
16.OPI- Strawberry margarita
17.OPI- A Grape Fit
18.OPI- Teal the cows come home 

1.OPI- Cha Ching Cherry
2.Essie- Lights
3.OPI- Do you think I'm texy?
4.OPI- The show must go on
5.OPI- Take the stage
6.OPI- Are we there yet?
7.OPI- Congeniality is my middle name
8.OPI- O'hare & nails look great!
9.OPI- Blue my mind
10.OPI- Cuckoo for this color
11.OPI-lucerne-tainly look marvelous
12.OPI- Yodel me on my cell
13.Orly- Wild Wisteria
14.OPI- French  1/4 for your thoughts 
15.OPI- The one that got away
16.OPI- plugged in plum
17.OPI- In my back pocket
18.OPI- Rising Star 

1.Orly- Here comes trouble
2.Orly-Meet me Under the mistletoe
3.Orly- Androgynie
4.China Glaze- Riveting
5.OPI- Fresh frog from Belair
6.OPI- Save me
7.China Glaze- Luxe & lush
8.Forever 21- Silver sparkles
9.OPI- The living Daylights (007)
10.OPI- Roulette my whistle
11.China Glaze- Electrify
12.OPI- Teenage dream (Katy Perry)
13.Sephora- Only gold for me
14.Sephora- Indi-go with the flow
15.China Glaze- Glitter all the way
16.china glaze- winter holly
17.China Glaze- Electric Beat
18.China Glaze- Cha Cha Cha

1.OPI- Ski till we drop
2.OPI- Don't Socra-tease me
3.OPI- On her majesty's secret service (007)
4.OPI- 1/4 of a century
5.OPI- Deutsch you want me baby
6.OPI- Big hair, Big nails
7.OPI- Chicago Champagne
8.China Glaze- Fuchsia Fantastic
9.OPI- What's with the catitude (shrek)
10.China Glaze- Oh how street it is
11.OPI- Ogre the top blue (shrek)
12.Orly- Liquid Vinyl
13.OPI- Honk if you love OPI
14.OPI- Give me the moon
15.OPI- Alpine snow
16.OPI- Just spotted the lizard (Spider-Man)
17.OPI- Aragon
18.OPI- Malaga Wine

1.China glaze- Optical Illusion 2.China glaze- Liquid Crystal 3.China glaze- Smoke & ashes (hunger games) 4.China glaze- Splish Splah 5.China Glaze- Aquadelic 6.Sephora- I found a pot of gold 7.China Glaze- Make some noise 8.Essie- Play Date 9.China Glaze- Wicked style 10.China glaze- Sexy Silouette 11.Orly-Miss Conduct 12.Orly- Devil may care 13.OPI- Opus in amber 14.China Glaze- Sunshine pop 15.OPI- Glow up already 16.China Glaze- polarized 17.China glaze- Prism 18.China glaze- Radiant
1.Orly- Cant be tamed
2.OPI- My private jet
3.OPI- Don't mess with OPI
4.OPI- Not like the movies (Katy Perry)
5.OPI- Comet loves Cupid
6.OPI- Ali's big break
7.OPI- I eat mainly lobster
8.OPI- Peru-b-ruby
9.OPI- Over the taupe
10.OPI- Tease-y does it
11.Essie- Masquerade belle
12.Essie- Vermillionaire
13.OPI- A rose at dawn
14.OPI- Road House blues
15.OPI- Deer valley spice
16.OPI- Russian navy
17.OPI- Bastille my heart
18.Essie- Limited Addiction  

1.OPI- My address is Hollywood
2.OPI- Significant other color
3.OPI- In the spotlight pink
4.Essie- Barbados Blue
5.Essie- Little brown dress
6.Essie- Good as gold
7.Essie- Steady as she rose
8.OPI- Uh oh roll down the window
9.OPI- It's totally Fort Worth it
10.OPI- manicurist of Seville
11.Essie- Haute as hello
12.OPI- Eiffel for this color
13.China Glaze- Stone cold (Hunger Games)
14.OPI- I break for manicures
15.Essie- St.lucia lilac
16.Essie- Brazilliant
17.Essie- Sand Tropez
18.OPI- Suzi takes the wheel

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My first nail party!!!

Hey! I hosted my first nail party this past Monday night and I had such a blast! My friends Patty, Amanda and Lori attended and brought the snacks! They were overwhelmed with the amount of colors that they had to chose from...
I used my bundle monster image plates on all of them but I'm still getting the hang of them. I'm used to free hand so to get the hang of stamping is new :).
So Patty chose a theme of magenta, black and white. I incorporated polka dots on all her nails and a little stamp of a little bow. Threw some sparkles on top and voila! Cute polka dots!
With Lori we did a more simpler pattern. We first painted a dark purple base and then stamped silver and white hearts on them. If anyone knows Lori she loves hearts. :)
Now Amanda my most imaginative friend when it comes to her nails wanted James Bond nails. Now I'm not that great at painting guns so she just got the numbers haha. We did a white base with silver and black lines with silver sparkles on top. I find them stunning. The ring finger we did gold with the 007 on top. She did show me a photo of the nails she wanted but I'm convinced the number logo was a stamp which I don't own.
Anyway was a great night lasted around 3 hours. We plan on getting together once a month. So check back to see how our other nails parties will go!! Have a great day!!!

Friday, 16 November 2012


Random Color Swatch: Make Some Noise!!

Todays manicure was from china glaze! I absolutely love this orange-coral color called Make Some Noise. This color is from the Electropop spring 2012 collection. The color goes on quite well in two coats. Great for the spring and summer but I found this color a little late in the year!

Winter holiday colors 2012

This holiday season is filled with beautiful nail colors!!! There are too many to pick from. The ones I've been eyeing for a while are from china glaze. I have a hard time finding nice dark greens and Winter Jolly is a sure thing. I cannot wait to go pick it up. I've never been disappointed with a china glaze color before. Glitter all the way looks like another color I would love. Ill let you all know what I feel about them all when I get them.

The next set of colors comes from Orly. Another beautiful line which I've had the pleasure of buying a few. Miss conduct is my favorite of them all. It's a magenta pink with holographic shimmer inside. They don't make enough of these colors in my opinion. The others were Devil May Care and Torrid. Devil May Care is a cluster of beautiful red and gold glitter that just screams merry Christmas!!!! I love it. Torrid is a shimmery deep red that I bought for my mom. She's been looking for a red like this. I think she will be pleased. As for the rest I didn't have a chance to buy them all.

Next holiday line is the essie line. Another nice box of sexy colors for the holidays and a special teal color that suprized me for the holidays. I can say I have never seen a teal in a holiday bundle before.

Like I said in the beginning it's a beautiful time of year for colors!!!

Pink tips with Miss conduct

Hello hello! God I love the holiday season! And the best thing about the holidays is that there are always new nail color collections coming out!!! I don't tend to buy all of them, only a selective few from each line and today's manicure has a special color I fell in love with from the Orly holiday collection Naughty or Nice, Miss conduct. This beautiful magenta color had a gorgeous holographic sheen to it. I fell in love with it from the start.

So what I did today with my manicure was a very low tip which I cleaned up with a make up brush and acetone so that the line was crisp across. Followed by my Orly nail art in black, white, and silver. I posted a review a few weeks ago about these nail stickers I purchased and I finally took them out to use. I put a little rhinestone on all my fingers except my thumbs. On those I put stars. The only thing I'm not too crazy about is the star edges I still feel. I bet sometime at work when I'm washing hair it will catch and come off. Oh well. I don't keep my mani's on that long anyway. I love to change them. Anyway this is the beginning of my holiday manicures. :) see you all soon!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Revlon nail art stencils

Good evening everyone! Just sitting in bed watching a Friday the 13th documentary with Claudiu (my bf). And since these weren't my favorite movies I thought I would blog something lol.

So I saw these cute little stencils at uniprix the other week and I thought that they were adorable. They are little bows and the stencil itself is kind of rubbery which is really nice. The polish doesn't soak through at all. Now the only thing that I hated was the removing the stencil from your nail. The color smudged when I was taking it off and my bows looked like they leaked. It made me sad but it was the first time I tried them. I will give them another try and I will try with a sponge method. Who knows that might work a little better. I'm not used to stencils I usually do everything free hand so this for me seemed to be a nice break lol. Guess I need a little more practice. I will try and try again!!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

RED- horizontal stripes

Hello my dear readers! Well this time around I did a beautiful red base called Malaga Wine. This has been in my collection since the beginning. I just love the deepness of it! I was actually just going to go with the red nails and then I saw my old post (Triangle tips). It made me want to do something similar with my red nails. I went with horizontal half stripes on the side of my nails.  It doesn’t take too long to do these kinds of nails, but its just time consuming. And another thing I see with using tape… when I tend to tape up all my nails and then paint my nails, I get this tape residue when I remove it. So I guess I have to do this look nail by nail. I am still new to tape manicures, I used to everything free hand and it wasn’t always the straightest haha. Practice makes perfect! I drew up a little picture to show you how i placed the tape and where i painted! Have fun!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Its Totally Fort Worth It ( I Don't Think So!!!)

Well you know when you try a new color and you think it’s going to look great and you can’t wait? Well this was one and I was soooo disappointed. I had bought the tour America line from OPI a long time ago and I just never got around to trying out this color (It’s totally fort worth it) . But when I got it on I hated the coverage and all that I saw when I looked down at my nails were the whites of my nails showing through. Personally that drives me nuts! Plus with my profession ( hairdresser ) I sometimes get dye on my nails and there a mess, so I hate seeing through my color.  I will give it another try though. I think on top of a plain grey it would give it a nice shine. I’d have to play around with that idea though!
I don’t usually dislike a color but when you buy a whole line there’s bound to be at least one that doesn’t go with your skin tone. The only ironic thing I find is that it actually doesn’t look too bad in the pictures I took. But I didn’t get one compliment from anyone about this color. Boo.
Anyway until next time!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Miami Beat!

Tonight’s manicure was inspired by the beautiful Miami beaches! Never been there, but I envision the beaches with blue and white towels laying on them. Ah a beautiful sight considering winter is coming here! The weather got so ugly today I wish that I could catch a plane and go lie down on one of my striped towels!