Friday, 22 November 2013

On A Silver Platter

Hey everyone! Today I have for you one of the new Essie xmas colors... As much as I loved them all I just didnt think that I needed them all. So I bought On A Silver Platter which in the bottle looks silver with a ton of holo and blue sparkles but on my nails.. the base looked a bit of gold and silver. I Loved It! 

Its a gorgeous line if you have tine to check it out! Its something that essie I think really needed to come out with. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Feather eyes!

Hello everyone!
well if you didn't see my previous post, I had a shopping spree at I bought a ton of water decals plus some colorful hexagonal glitter!!!
well I was just super excited to start using my decals so I started off with my feathery eye water decals. They are actually on sale at the moment if you wanted to buy them. You can follow the link here if you are interested.

My base color I chose for this manicure was Hanging in the Balance from China Glaze Cirque du Soleil line. I then cut the water decals to fit my nails, they were a little wide and too square. I had fun with these since they are so very unique! Plus a lot of my clientele noticed them right away! A complete winner in my nail art.
let me know what you all think!!!

Shopping on

Hey! I just wanted to show you guys my huge nail shopping spree!! 
I bought everything at 
I mainly bought nail decals for Halloween, everyday wear, as christmas!! I also bought 12x color hexagonal glitter. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Well this weekend here in Montreal was an exciting one! They were playing the Rocky Horror Picture Show downtown... Myself and 3 other friends were on our way to see it and it was going to be great!! Unfortunately when we got there we couldnt get any tickets!! So we were all dressed up and no where to go, so we hit a club and then came back to the west to watch the movie we set out for.
So in honor of my weekend, I did my nails with the Rocky Horror Picture Show theme!!