Monday, 22 April 2013

Kiss Nail Dress in peacock feather print

Hello my friends! Well today I have for you a different strip manicure for you from Kiss! I chose the peacock feather pattern and tear are exactly the same as you would do the Sally Hansen ones. Now the only difference I felt with these is that they are a little thicker then Sally's and they are more like a sticker then anything! These do not harden like the nail effects. When you want to remove these you just peel them off. No need for remover. That was the great part! They do leave a little residue of the glue on the nail but I just rubbed my finger over it and it disappeared. Since they are more sticker like I am testing it out in a ziplock bag. I wonder if I can keep the excess ones longer? Anyway I absolutely loved the patterns that this brand has and I will definitely be using them again! Check them out!
Walmart seems to be the cheapest place to buy them but I found that uniprix had the bigger variety!

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