Thursday, 7 February 2013

15 Days of Valentines!! Day 8

My My this 15 days of Valentines is flying right by!!! If you are just tuning in, myself and my friend Amanda are doing our own 15 days of Valentines nails... At work we are always competing with our nails so we came up with this brilliant plan. YAY! 

So what I have for you here today is a pink manicure with a steel ball accent nail in silver..

This pink I used is a recent purchase, it is from the new OPI Euro Centrale line that was just released yesterday!!! The color is called Suzy's Hungary Again... I was so excited to get them! I've had them on reserve for over a month now! (perks of being a hairdresser/esthetician) 

For the steel balls, these were purchased at and you can check it out here. They are a very reasonable company and if you just want to play around its the perfect price. They came in 12 different colors, and so far I just LOVE them.  

Let me know what you all think of them!! Thanks for following my blog and commenting!

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