Monday, 13 May 2013

Essie's Resort 2013 Collection

Good day ladies! I have for you today Essie's 2013 Resort collection that I picked up at Belmonda. This collection consists of 4 polishes. What i love about all of these is that they go on super well even with one coat. But I always do two. 
Under Where? is a very light pink lilac purple creme color which I found a little thinner then the rest of the polishes in this line. That would probably be my only downside to this color. I love purple polish and in the summer this will look fabulous on my toes!  
In the Cab-ana is a nice bright blue. I have a few of these in my collection which i will compare to in the future. again its a lovely creme easy to apply but hard to take a photo of! I didn't have luck with with the sun today, it was super cloudy and cold!!!

Come here is a orange/red creme color and I think this is my favorite of the bunch.  This formula was amazing to apply. A really nice creme color and super silky when putting it on. 

Last but not least we have First Timer which is a minty green creme. Depending on the light it looks a little more green. I don't have too many mint greens just because they don't do much for my skin but this one was just beautiful. I found this one easy to apply, it wasn't streaky or anything. I'm really impressed with this line. 

All in all this is a nice little collection for the summer. If you are thinking gifts this would make any nail polish lover happy. 
Have a nice evening everyone!

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