Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Flashy Toes!

Sorry everyone that I haven't posted in a while, I do my nails, take my pictures and then just realize its time for bed and I start that all over again the next day!!!
So I do have a few posts to do today. The first one is a funky Toe Nail design I recently tried. I received some nail glue when I ordered from and I thought that I would glue some jewels to my toes.

The base color that I chose for my toes was Ogre the top blue from OPI. With a name like that you know for sure its from the Shrek line! 
The Rhinestones that I placed on top were dark blue, light blue, pale yellow, pale green and a few silver ones. I dumped out way too many for my toes so I will have to get back to those and separate them. 

Anyway, its great to be back! have a great evening! 

P.S. Sorry for my funny looking toes! I don't usually like to show them! haha

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  1. mmmmmmmm sexyhot toes and feets xo.