Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Wild Child

Hey! I haven't been posting this week because I am trying out the Sally Hansen Salon Effect stick ons in zebra ( wild child is the proper name)!! These are awesome! I saw them and wanted them for my toes but the more I was playing with them the more I realized I had enough for my fingers as well. The other reason I haven't posted this week was because they were suppose to last up to 10 days. So I wanted to challenge them and see if that's true. None of them popped off but they sure did chip. I put them on Friday night and by Monday they were chipping. BUT being a hairdresser I'm in water a lot so I think that wasn't so bad. The ones on my toes however are still as fresh as day one. Super sexy! I recommend anyone going on vacation who wants a super cool pedi to apply these! I'm definitely going to be trying these out again!
I would think Walmart would be the cheapest place to get them, however I bought mine at uniprix for 9.99$.

Do check them out!!!

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