Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My first nail party!!!

Hey! I hosted my first nail party this past Monday night and I had such a blast! My friends Patty, Amanda and Lori attended and brought the snacks! They were overwhelmed with the amount of colors that they had to chose from...
I used my bundle monster image plates on all of them but I'm still getting the hang of them. I'm used to free hand so to get the hang of stamping is new :).
So Patty chose a theme of magenta, black and white. I incorporated polka dots on all her nails and a little stamp of a little bow. Threw some sparkles on top and voila! Cute polka dots!
With Lori we did a more simpler pattern. We first painted a dark purple base and then stamped silver and white hearts on them. If anyone knows Lori she loves hearts. :)
Now Amanda my most imaginative friend when it comes to her nails wanted James Bond nails. Now I'm not that great at painting guns so she just got the numbers haha. We did a white base with silver and black lines with silver sparkles on top. I find them stunning. The ring finger we did gold with the 007 on top. She did show me a photo of the nails she wanted but I'm convinced the number logo was a stamp which I don't own.
Anyway was a great night lasted around 3 hours. We plan on getting together once a month. So check back to see how our other nails parties will go!! Have a great day!!!

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