Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Revlon nail art stencils

Good evening everyone! Just sitting in bed watching a Friday the 13th documentary with Claudiu (my bf). And since these weren't my favorite movies I thought I would blog something lol.

So I saw these cute little stencils at uniprix the other week and I thought that they were adorable. They are little bows and the stencil itself is kind of rubbery which is really nice. The polish doesn't soak through at all. Now the only thing that I hated was the removing the stencil from your nail. The color smudged when I was taking it off and my bows looked like they leaked. It made me sad but it was the first time I tried them. I will give them another try and I will try with a sponge method. Who knows that might work a little better. I'm not used to stencils I usually do everything free hand so this for me seemed to be a nice break lol. Guess I need a little more practice. I will try and try again!!!

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