Thursday, 8 November 2012

Its Totally Fort Worth It ( I Don't Think So!!!)

Well you know when you try a new color and you think it’s going to look great and you can’t wait? Well this was one and I was soooo disappointed. I had bought the tour America line from OPI a long time ago and I just never got around to trying out this color (It’s totally fort worth it) . But when I got it on I hated the coverage and all that I saw when I looked down at my nails were the whites of my nails showing through. Personally that drives me nuts! Plus with my profession ( hairdresser ) I sometimes get dye on my nails and there a mess, so I hate seeing through my color.  I will give it another try though. I think on top of a plain grey it would give it a nice shine. I’d have to play around with that idea though!
I don’t usually dislike a color but when you buy a whole line there’s bound to be at least one that doesn’t go with your skin tone. The only ironic thing I find is that it actually doesn’t look too bad in the pictures I took. But I didn’t get one compliment from anyone about this color. Boo.
Anyway until next time!

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