Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Eve Snowflakes!

Hello everyone! so Christmas eve is tomorrow and I just had to get one more manicure in there before the festivities start. With work tomorrow as well as a drive to Ottawa I didn't see where I would be able to do my nails! so these are my holiday nails! 

I had recently asked a fellow nail blogger Anastasia Park to do a tutorial on snowflakes. You can check out her tutorial at
I tried to mimic what she has showed us to do, but unfortunately I do not have a super fine detail brush. so I was limited to my small lines. So I tried out my own version of the snowflakes. I will be trying these out again in the new year after I go for a run to the art store for a small brush! 

I would like to thank again Anastasia Park for taking her time to do her tutorial especially for me!


  1. Glad it was helpful to you :) U did a great job!

    Also if you don't have thin enough nail art brush you can cut it and made thinner, I got mine this way