Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pink Nails in a Snowstorm!

Wow today started out super bad! I looked outside my window and there was a huge storm! Montreal got hit with 45cm of snow today! HORRIBLE! I went to work just to leave two hours later and then got stuck on my brothers road going to see him. Luckily there were people outside and they helped shovel me out. The day didn't get better there. We took a stop at our uncles place to help shovel the stairs but he said it would be pointless... I agree, the snow was not giving up... Came home to only find out that the buildings parking lot wasn't plowed and I had no where to park! Ah, I hate snow... 
If you can spot the man in the picture that's my brother coming to my rescue when I was stuck in the snow. He walked all the way home to grab a shovel. Gotta love him. xox

At least I had nice nails... Wet nasty hair, but nice nails. 
The basecoat that I used today was Pool Party from China Glaze, followed by some Orly nail art in a criss-cross pattern followed by my fave sparkles. 

 Happy Snow Day Everyone! xoxo

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