Friday, 21 December 2012

My addiction to Polka-dots!

Hello dear readers! Today I have for you a multi-colored polka-dot theme I did last night for you guys. I was inspired by Issy's nails from our nail party that we had last Tuesday night. Almost using the same colors, I decided that it would be a little bit more interesting to incorporate a dark color into it. I used China Glaze- Electric Beat which is the blue one, OPI- I eat mainly lobster and OPI- Miami Beat.

I've been wanting to revise some of my old posts that I added in a hurry when I first started blogging. So with a title as my addiction to polka-dots I figured i would put them all together in this blog as well. 
This pink polka-dot manicure is done with Essie- Lights and OPI- Funky Dunky.

This polka-dot manicure I did for my boyfriends Ring ceremony when he was awarded his engineering ring. I had a black and white dress on with black heals and I wanted my nails to match as well. Everyone was quite fond of the contrasting index finger ;)

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