Monday, 8 October 2012

Blocking Manicure w/ Tutorial

 Blocking Manicure

Hey everyone! Today I did a blocking manicure on myself and if you stick around I will be putting below the tutorial on how you can do one yourself!

What you will need to do this lovely look will be a base-coat, a top-coat, some stationary tape, three different colors of your choice, and an optional nail art of your choice. 
I live by my Bonder base-coat. Being a hairdresser I am in the water most of the day and this base-coat helps the polish stick to my nails like glue!!! best invention ever. 
So my choice of colors were all from OPI. The pink is called A rose at dawn, the green is Gargantuan Green Grape, and the purple is Funky Dunky from the Shrek line. The silver in the picture is Orly nail art in Silver Sparkle. 
To start the look you will need to pick the lightest color of the three. Why, because they usually take up to two coats for full coverage. its just more convenient to do so. Let this color COMPLETELY DRY.
What you will do at this stage is cut out triangle shapes from your tape and place them to expose the desired shape you want. make sure that the tape is pressed down completely so that the polish you are about to put on leaves a nice crisp line when you remove it. You can see by my picture what kind of pattern I was trying to do. 
Try and alternate the colors that you chose, placing them in a random pattern. With the nails with only one piece of tape on them you are able to put both colors on. 
I did the last colors free hand and just followed the line precise. You should end up with a end result like this
Now I added some silver over the lines as a finishing touch to my manicure. You don't have to add these if you don't like them. Just make sure you let the colors completely dry before putting on your top coat, or else you will cause smudging. And voila! your done!

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