Friday, 12 October 2012

Triangle Tips

Triangle Tips

Hello friends! So tonight I tried an inspired manicure from a woman (Nailside) that I admire in the nail world. You can check out the original version at her blog through this link. She has a ton of amazing nail ideas. I can only hope she is proud of my version. Thanks! 

What I used as my basecoat tonight was vermillionaire from Essie and the accent color was velvet voyeur again from Essie. I always loved the pairing of oranges and plums. being near Halloween it works especially well :). The idea is pretty simple really. You create a triangle pattern with your tape and then lay two horizontal pieces across to achieve the gaps. Just make sure that your basecoat is completely dry, otherwise you will pull it all off when you pull your tape off. 

I had  so much fun doing this pattern, I'd like to thank Nailside for the great idea again. :)

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  1. Oooh, very proud indeed! ^_^ You did such a nice job! I usually don't like oranges so much but it goes well with plum, like you said. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Sarah!