Monday, 15 October 2012

Purple Ribbons!

Purple Ribbon Manicure

Today I did another tape manicure but its something that I haven't really tried much. I don't really know the proper name for this manicure so I named it purple ribbons! It reminds me of having small ribbons wrapped around my nails. 
I found it pretty easy to do, yet a little time consuming. Luckily I had an afternoon free before I go see Russell Peters!
The colors I used today were OPI- Honk if you love OPI, OPI- pirouette my whistle, Essie- exotic Liras and Essie- Play Date.

So I started off with my light purple base color from Essie (play date), and I waited until it was completely dry. The color itself is extremely beautiful on its own as well.

 Once they were dry I cut out small thin triangle pieces of tape and placed them spaced out but one on top of the other. Like below.

Once you have all your tape in place, you are ready to apply your ribbon colors.  I used Honk if you love OPI and Essie's Exotic Liras. Remove the tape ASAP, or else your lines wont be crisp. once everything was done and dry i covered it with Pirouette my whistle and finished with my top coat!

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