Friday, 19 October 2012

James Bond is here!!!

This was a line I was looking forward to like crazy!! My boyfriend and I have been watching the movies in order from the first and these colors are gorgeous. Not to mention it reminds me of all the handsome men that played the part!!
As much as I love the "man with the golden gun" limited edition gold fleck nail polish, I do find it extremely over priced. I've never spent 18$ on a bottle and I don't know if I will. But it's beautiful :(.
So today I only ended up buying two of them for now. On her majesty's secret service which is a mixture of fine shimmer. And The Living Daylights which is a super beautiful mixture of big sparkles. Bronze, navy blue, dark red and some silver it makes a beautiful topper for any color .
I'm super excited to get a few more :). The only downer with seeing so many OPI lines come and go is that a lot of the colors tend to look like others. For example the red one in this line reminds me of the red from burlesque. But for those unique ones the price and the wait is well worth it :).
Check out soon for my posts of my new colors. I cannot wait to play with them!

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