Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Liquid Sand by Mariah Carey

Hey guys! found some free WI-FI in the building and I thought I would chat about the new Mariah Carey line she just recently brought out. Since I'm seeing a lot of textured nail polishes around I thought I would purchase the liquid sand line. 

I didn't have time to swatch them all but I do have them on plastic nail swatches! 

The pink/red one is called The Impossible. This contains the iridescent sand you will find in all of them, along with red hexagonal glitter, silver holographic stars as well as silver and red holographic dust. The sparkles are beautiful! I cannot wait to play with this one! 

The next we have is Cant Let Go. This one is a clear purple base filled with small purple glitter and larger hexagonal glitter with shimmery sand. Quite nice butIi find it looks a little dull when its dry.

Next we have Get Your Number. This is a blue base with holographic silver dust and circular glitters and shimmery sand. Beautiful in person! I cant wait to try this one out!

Last but not least we have Stay The Night. This is a matte black with tons of red glitter! Another beauty!

These all covered well in 2 coats for the swatches, the only thing that I found was a small problem was that the textured nail polish makes the brush slightly fatter then I would like.  But nothing I cant work with!
Keep an eye out for my proper swatches! 

1 comment:

  1. Definitely feels like sandpaper.... yuck! Whose bright idea what this line!!!

    I think the brush is fatter than the regular ones, I don't think it's just the sand making them feel fat.