Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Impossible by Mariah Carey

Hello everyone! Well I got my second liquid sand here for you. This lovely red/pink is called The Impossible! Now I'm still not sure that I completely love this polishes. I love the look but I hate the fight that I have when I'm removing it. Plus I found that the stars that are in this color, the little corners stick up after a while and make them scratchy. Overall I'm just not sure about this line. I see where they were trying to go with it BUT over a few days it looks horrible. I think that the two last colors I have, I will only make accent nails. 


  1. The way it comes out in these pictures reminds me of a watermelon.. haha.

    Yes I didn't like how hard it was to take off either.

    I saw on a girl's blog that she put top coat over them and they looked pretty nice but that defeats their purpose, but oh well!

    1. I would think that you would still see the texture under the topcoat but its already hard enough to remove! Adding two top coats wouldn't make it any easier. ahaha