Friday, 18 January 2013

Color Club Backstage Pass

Hello dear readers! Recently I borrowed a few shades from the color club line- backstage pass from my close friend Amanda. I loved the colors even before I tried them but my dilemma was I didn't know what I wanted to with them... So I came up with doing a black base and doing the sparkles as a tip fading downwards. The silver sparkle is Platinum Record, the purple is Its A Hit, the pink color is Fame and Fortune and the gold sparkle is Take the Stage. ( I didn't have five of them so my thumb is Techno from china glaze.) I definitely will be borrowing the silver again. As for the pink one, I was a little disappointed. It doesn't shimmer and shine the way I thought it would. Oh well you can't be happy with them all! It's a beautiful line and I think everyone should play with them at least once! Happy painting guys!

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