Sunday, 6 January 2013

Glistening Snow

Hello everyone! For today I brought out Glistening Snow from China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection! This color is such a winter color. Its just packed with soft silver sparkles that make my nails look so magical... Reminds me of early morning when the fresh fallen snow hit the ground, Sparkles in the sun.Two coats and you get a very nice coverage. The only downside I had with this color is the fact that it stays bumpy. The formula seems to soak up any topcoat so you need to put a few. The great thing about this color is that nothing would chip it! GREAT! I had a fun time taking it off but it was worth the struggle. What saddens me is the fact that these pictures don't do justice to the sparkly look it has. Anyway if you want a beautiful color in your collection this is a color for you!

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