Monday, 28 January 2013

Lush Lacquer

Woohoo! My wait is finally over! I just received in the mail my order from Lush And Lacquer.
I ordered 7 minis and 2 full size bottles. They have great specials, example, what i bought was 7 minis for 35$. What i love about this, is that i can try out the polish in a smaller size and if i want more i get the big bottle. Not a lot of places offer this. How lovely! so lets get started and ill tell you all about the polishes!

Lite Bright is very bright, funky clear base color packed with all different sized orange, green, purple, blue, red and pink medium and large square and hexagonal glitter. There are even little iridescent glitters that are also thrown in there. What a party in a bottle!

Peppermint Kisses is a Christmas color but OMG its one of my favorite! This is a white base color full of pink, green, red and white hexagonal and square glitter. It really does look like peppermint. 

Minty Chip. Speaks for itself no? this is one of my favorite that I've been wanting to try forever! It is a mint green opaque base with black and white square and hexagonal glitter that resemble chips! Awesome!!!

This one is so magical. It really does look like a Snow Globe! this polish is a clear base full of matte pink, yellow, blue and purple sparkles with added little itty bitty white ones as well. 

Santa Baby is another Christmas color that I love. Unfortunately I just looked at the sight and this color isn't available anymore :( .   This is a clear base PACKED with red and black and white all different shaped glitter. 

Shattered is a clear base with shredded and hexagonal glitter. This is what a clown would look like if blown up! ha! So many colors its beautiful!

This color reminds me a lot of Black Friday (see below). Except that the base is white instead of black! the color of sparkles consists of blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple. all hexagonal and bars. This color reminds me of frosting with sprinkles stirred into it! Gorgeous!

Party Rocking is a blue base jelly color packed with glitter. Fushia, purple, gold, blue and iridescent glitter make up this color.  

Black Friday is a black jelly based polish full of different sizes and shapes of red, yellow, green, orange, pink , purple and blue matte sparkles. It also has red short bar glitter added as well. The seller also states that there is a full coverage with 3 coats. 

This is their business card and I suggest anyone who is a sparkle freak to check these ladies out! They are a mother and daughter team who just have a great eye for the fabulous! Great jobs ladies!!!

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